I started in an unusual way –  Icompleted bachelor in a institute of Politics and diplomacy in Vytautas Magnus University, then I turned to meeting the plants through the arts of floristics. There I‘ve observed and found not only plants that were alive, but also them in the phase of rest – dried up, branches without leaves, their dried fruits and that was the impact to choose a naturalistic way. That led to carefull observance of nature and further- to the studies of Greenery design. By observing  I found natural spaces, the diversity of biotypes and started using plants as a tool for forming spaces. So I found myself embraced by landscape design. Now I am along the way to landscape architecture – where the view is from above and the strategy is about far into the future.

On my way:

Lkas (Member of asociation of Lanscape architects)

2 place in the competition `Tendencies’

Articles in  „Mano namai“, „Namas ir aš“,  in Lkas web.

Project, based on LEED




I care about sustainable, naturalistic landscape, that integrates into surroundings. With respect to nature, new technologies and creative atitude.

  • Design proposals and technical plans for green infrastructure
  • Comercial and public space
  • Private spaces


I cooperate with Žalieji sprendimai, Lauko dangos and other contractors, masters of good hands and architects.